Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module
  • Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module

Gigaset Maxwell Expansion Module

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Business telephone key pad offers enhanced functionality for professional communication.

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Adding more buttons and function for your business telephone 

Enhance your speed, functionality and reach with the Maxwell Expansion Module designed for the Maxwell Basic, 2, 3 and 4 desktop business phone.The Maxwell Expansion Module features a large 7” FSTN Display with an expanded keypad containing two pages of 28 flexible buttons. The device can handle up to 58 features such as Busy Line Fields (BLF) and speed dialing. The additional keys can also be conveniently programmed to log on and log out, activate voicemail or even to open the front door.

Self-labelling of the keys

The Expansion Module is equipped with a large 7” display to show the function of the keys. The key’s function is displayed next to the key and any changes to its function will automatically appear in text. Writing with a pencil is no longer necessary.

Programmable keys

The module adds 58 additional keys spread over two pages. One key is used to toggle between the pages and the module’s other keys can be used for functions such as BLF and speed-dial. For convenience they can also be programmed as access codes, voicemail activation or to login to your device.

Telephone expansion

Maxwell Basic, 2, 3 and 4 support up to 3 Expansion Modules, offering the user more buttons for additional function settings and adding as many as 174 more possible configurations. The first Expansion Module uses the power supply while the second and third connect to the first Expansion Module.

Keys with 3 colours

Each key consists of a coloured LED representing several status indicators. A green light means the line is available, a blinking red light signifies an incoming call, a solid red light indicates the line is busy and yellow means offline.

Matching Maxwell Design

The design of the Maxwell Expansion Module matches the look and feel of the Maxwell series. Everyone uses their phone in a different way, so the Maxwell series supports a movable foot which allows for three different positions from vertical to horizontal. The Maxwell phone and Expansion Modules also supports wall mounting.

Data sheet

Desktop accessory
7" FSTN screen
58 programmable positions on two pages accessible via 29 self-labelling keys split in two columns. Programming via the URL of the main device. Supports BLF, speed dial, dtmf and FAC like activating voicemail or opening the door
Form factor
Compact design made from black polymer for free standing on a desk or wall mounted via optional bracket
Audio and video features
Not applicable. Handled by the main device.
Compatible to the Maxwell 4, 3, 2 and Basic. Up to 3 modules can be used in series behind one main device.
Connect via special RJ45 / RJ12 to the main device
Power supply and battery
A separate power supply unit (PSU) must be connected to the first module. The 2nd and 3rd are powered by the first module.
Operating system and applications
Follows the main device
In the box
Device, Desktop stand, Connection cable, Security leaflet
Management and user features
Web based configuration and support for remote auto-provisioning compatible with on-premise telephone systems. Accessed via the main device e.g. Maxwell 3.
Interop and provisioning
This device is compatible and supports auto-provisioning via many on premise networks via the main device

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